My 2012: February Summary

February summary:

  • Swim – 8 workouts, 13200m, 3 hours 43 minutes
  • Bike – 11 workouts, 218km, 9 hours 56 minutes, averaged 22kmph
  • Run – 1 workouts, 9.5km, 56 minutes, averaged 6.03 per km
  • Bricks – 3 brick sessions, both indoors
  • Strength – 6 sessions of weight training
  • Yoga – a measly 1 Yoga class

Overall for Feb – 30 workouts in 23 days, with 6 rest days.

January Summary:

  • Swim – 9 workouts, 11600m, 3 hours 19 minutes, average 1.43 per 100m
  • Bike – 4 workouts, 55km, 2 hours 34 minutes, averaged 21.5kmph
  • Run – 4 workouts, 24km, 2 hours 10 minutes, averaged 5.26 per km
  • Bricks – 2 brick sessions, both indoors
  • Yoga – a measly 1 Yoga class
Overall for Feb – 30 workouts in 23 days, with 6 rest days.

Overall for Jan – 20 workouts in 22 days, with 5 rest days

It is clear to see that running is my least favourite event.  Although I have also been running in the brick sessions so its not as bad as the run stats suggest.  I actually feel like I am running pretty well and am definitely looking forward to a hard fast 5k on race day.  Maybe I am being complacent – it is only 5k after all.  Once the weather picks up I will definitely increase the running so I have specific running fitness for a fast 10k.

I feel a little less guilty for having a couple of days off now that I can compare the stats for Jan and Feb.  It clear that I increased my training frequency and duration.  The intensity of each session remained the same.  Not surprising that I was feeling a little worn out at the end of the month.  Phew.  Not as bad as I though.

PS – Look at the ‘Swim’, ‘Bike’ and ‘Run’ pages to see monthly training stats for each discipline.

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One Response to My 2012: February Summary

  1. AndrewGills says:

    Well done. Looks like you are training hard 🙂

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