My 2012: UBC Reflections and Spring Progressions

Hello, me again, I’m back after taking 1 week rest after the triathlon.  The rest allowed me to reflect on my training, the race and what kind of training I should embark on until my next Tri in 10 weeks.

The question on my mind is straightforward – where can I gain the most time?  And the answer is simple – the bike.  Other guys in my group were up to 5 minutes faster on the bike than I was, and since the bike takes up about half of the overall sprint time, this is where I can find the most gains.  The bike is also the most frustrating for me as my my leg strength limits me much more than my cardio fitness.  So… more power on the bike required.

In my mind when it comes for road bike endurance training there is only 1 guy to learn from .  Chris Carmichael was Lance Armstrong’s coach when he won 7 Tour de France titles in a row, after beating cancer!  I stole a ‘New Cyclist’ program from his book ‘The Time-Crunched Triathlete’ and started working on it this week…

Basic program outline for the next 11 weeks is:

  • Monday – morning swim, afternoon gym
  • Tuesday – bike and run brick
  • Wednesday – morning swim, afternoon gym
  • Thursday – bike (hill training) and run brick
  • Friday – rest day
  • Saturday – bike (speed session) and run brick
  • Sunday – longer endurance bike

The bike training program goes into a lot more detail than I am going to write here, but I will outline the basics of each session during my weekly training blog report.

For the gym sessions I am going to be using full-body workout program called ‘300’ which is basically 300 reps of various body weight exercises.  The main aim here is to build a solid foundation and increased muscular endurance.  This session will be done as a circuit, starting with 60 seconds rest between exercises and gradually reducing the rest until |I can perform the full routine without resting.

If all goes to plan this 10 week (ish) training block should see me maintain my current swim ability, improve my leg strength and therefore bike speed, develop my confidence in running fast after the bike section, and finally develop a solid muscular endurance foundation.  Am I asking too much??  Maybe.  But reach for the stars and all that good stuff…

Thanks for reading!  Any feedback and suggestions defiantly welcome 🙂

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One Response to My 2012: UBC Reflections and Spring Progressions

  1. Lillian says:

    Sounds like a plan 🙂

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